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O Hai Thar

2008-04-26 18:00:39 by BrokenEgg

I think it's about damn time I made one of these, if only to not have to see that crying smily anymore. I've lost count of the number of websites that give me the option of a news post/journal dealie that gets ignored.

Anyways, I think introductions are in order. My name's Erik, but on the interwebs I usually go by Broken Egg. I've been making Flash cartoons for a few years, but only within the past year or so have any of them gone on the internet. One of them, Wasteland Battle, can be found on Newgrounds. The rest are on my deviantArt page, to various degrees of quality. I know I'm not spectacular with Flash, but I like to think I'm not terrible either.

I'm considering uploading one older cartoon of mine, Quazar Calahan Versus the Communites, to the Portal. Problem is, I'm not sure whether or not it would be worth the effort. I've surpassed the level of animation quality found in QC since it was completed, and I know that the sound gets really sketchy at points. That being said, I have a sequel planned, and it may not make any sense without the first episode as a reference.

[Edit] Never mind, I've made a decision, and that decision is (surprise, surprise) to not post the two-year-old manky flash cartoon.

On a separate note, wakka.